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High speed IR camera for temperature close loop control

  • UE,
  • General

Real time temperature control during dissimilar multi-materials joining is of paramount importance for obtaining reliable and reproducible results.

Hybrid Polygon Scanner

  • UE,
  • General

The hybrid polygon scanner has been developed at laboratory level under ComMUnion project to create undercut grooves to enhance the adhesion between metals and thermoplastic composites.

Multi Tape Lay-up laser Head (MTLH)

  • UE,
  • General

MTLH is AFPT‘s solution for fast and reliable tape laying processes

Enriched CAD/CAM system

  • UE,
  • General

The enriched CAD/CAM solution is based on the TOPSOLID software from MISSLER. It allow the user to programm neccesary trajectories for laying-up process and generate de robot code to manage the cell

VCSEL Laser Sources for Tape Laying

  • UE,
  • General

PHILIPS has developed under ComMUnion a laser source based VCSEL capable of heating both metal and thermoplastic composites in order to be applied to the multi-material joining in tape laying processes.